The Advantages and Disadvantages of SEO for Your Business ?>

The Advantages and Disadvantages of SEO for Your Business

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The Very Positive Aspects of Free and Quality Traffic from SEO

As said in a title, there are many advantages and disadvantages of SEO in general. The huge advantage of search engine optimization for any kind of business, if done properly and right under the white hat guidelines, is that for affordable monthly payment your business website gets a load of fresh and highest quality traffic, leads, potential customers, and clients (for the life-time). Of course, they also must be happy with whatever you are providing or selling (products, services, teaching classes etc.). If you can tick all of these boxes, then you are on the best track of successful, prosperous and thriving business.

Again, if the SEO job is done right, you get the best quality traffic possible, way better than paid advertising such as PPC banner ads, facebook ads, Classified ads etc. It’s because with organic traffic you are not putting your offers in front of somebody’s face who doesn’t care much. Although the paid advertising got much smarter and more interactive, if the person once searched for “best vacuum cleaners” in Google, it doesn’t mean that he/she wants to buy it every day (Ads appearing to you all over the internet based on the keywords and phrases that you typed in the search engines).

So here we come to the conclusion, why is organic traffic from SEO better. It’s because the person who searches in Google for “the best vacuum cleaner” is more likely prepared and ready to buy one right now while conducting the searches, NOT a week or month later. Hope that it makes sense to the most of you.

Another thing about the ads is that people in general, don’t like the ads and they are getting resistant to them, blind, simply ignoring them. Basically, because we are being exposed and facing them on everyday basis. The bigger city, the more ads will be exposed to you, and more you gonna ignore them.


As you know, we are living in a polarity world, and to every advantage, there is also a disadvantage.

Let’s say you hire some expert to do the SEO for your blog or website, and you pay them one time or either monthly for their services. But you don’t understand SEO and don’t know what is the called SEO expert doing. No control, just a pure trust.

Most of the time when bad negative SEO campaign is executed, the hired company or expert isn’t even aware of it, thinking that everything has been done right and correctly. But the right opposite is truth.

So there is a big challenge to find and choose the right SEO professional company or individual expert. Me, as an expert in SEO, I would recommend to go for individual rather than big company employing more than 10 people. It’s because you get much better service closer with the single person who runs the SEO business than with the person who is just employed, and the only thing that he/she really cares about is every month paycheck.

But this is just my personal opinion, not standing rule. You might find the companies who do the way better job than anyone else because that’s what they care about.

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